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About Us

Monson Insurance has been around since 1945 and started in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Our offices are now in Murray, Utah. Even from the beginning up to today, Monson’s goal has remained the same: “to create the most trusted and reputable brokerage in the state of Utah.“ With our knowledgeable, experienced, and professional staff you can feel confident that you are going to be well taken care of.


Why a Brokerage?

Simply because your needs can be met better (and at a lower cost) when you have more policies to choose from. After we’ve determined your insurance needs we go shopping for you. And we do it with a very critical eye. While most brokers represent three to five companies, we represent over 30 companies. So we can afford to be very choosy on your behalf — and we are! Our goal is to find you the best possible policy at the lowest possible price. A long list of satisfied clients tells us that we’ve been successful.


Our motto has been to treat the insured like the important individual he really is. With this mentality, Monson Insurance has been providing superior service to individuals and businesses throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties for over 70 years.


Today, with our offices in Murray, we continue to experience great growth in providing our clients throughout Utah and other states with the best rates and best plans. Our service-oriented staff is always ready to help you with your insurance needs and questions.


Monson Insurance is proud of the many awards we have received over the years including; Premier Agent for United Underwriters and being recognized as a Key Agent from Travelers Insurance.


Submit your information today to obtain a free quote from one of our agents who will help you sort through the many options from our insurance providers.

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